Turtle Mania is now officially dead.

It is very much possible that this will be incomplete, but V1.8.0R will be the final version of Turtle Mania. There will not be any further updates, including bug fixes, to this game.

Due to personal disagreements between the two developers, we will not be talking any more, which means that we will not be working on the game. I am very sorry to anyone who was enjoying the game.

Rest in peace, my little project.


Turtle Mania

Turtle Mania is a small, simple game that we have been working on; which started out as me experimenting to see if I could work out how to use HTML5 canvas, and turned into much, much more.

If you decide to purchase the game, you will get the option to request a key. This key can be used at http://games.olivercjcox.uk/redeem to download the game without having to log in to itch! If you choose a reward from the list below, your key will also be used to grant you access to the downloads for your reward.


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Version 1.5.2 Beta 265 kB
Version 1.6.0 Beta 278 kB
Version 1.6.1 Beta 278 kB
Version 1.6.2 Beta 283 kB
Version 1.7.0 Beta 334 kB
Version 1.8.0 Release 608 kB

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